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The Feathered Lady of Manchester Square.


Vanda Noronha is a 26 year old Portuguese photographer, jewellery maker and PhD student that spends most of her time in Manchester with her fiancée and cat. She has been photographing everything around her since being given a My Little Pony camera for her 10th birthday.

She seeks out the sun and the sea when she goes back home to the shores of Portugal, and stares at the rain outside when she's in Manchester. Both influence what she does, particularly in terms of colours, patterns and compositions. She loves oversaturated, jewel-like colours, and both empty space and filling the whole shot with a particular object. She believes in finding beauty everywhere. Her current favourite colour is the bright lush green of grass on a rainy afternoon, but this changes weekly.

She has also found love when creating fun, strange, and whimsical jewellery for Paraphernalia, where she is inspired by both vintage illustrations and 19th century magicians. She is also interested in urban crafting, and makes accessories and necklaces for Luna Parc inspired by childhood memories, dreams and stories, from which 5% of profits go to UNICEF.

You can purchase her prints here. If there is any photo that you like and is not available, get in touch!

An Andorinha is a swallow, or housemartin. They always return to their nests, even when miles away.


silver, antique gold, acrylic, spray paints, cats, jump rings, glass, children's vintage scraps, anatomical drawings, trading cards, felt, ephemera, birds, amusement parks, carnivals, photographs, polaroids, saturated colours, umbrellas, puddles, the sea, open windows, fireplaces